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Affiliated with Jinshui Cable Group, Zhengzhou Jinhang High-tech Company Ltd. is a Chinese electrical wire and power cable manufacturer specializing in the development, production, and marketing of wires and cables for power transmission and distribution. Our products include PVC insulated electrical wire, aluminum alloy conductor, aerial bundled cable, insulated power cable, armored cable, service drop cable, and so on. These are widely used in buildings, airports, substations, urban and rural power grids, and other large electrical projects.

Our company has capital assets of 10.5 million USD, more than 600 employees, and an annual output of cables and wires of more than 10 million kilometers. In order to produce high quality AAAC conductor, ACSR aerial bundled cable, and other related products, we use a variety of advanced equipment, including 180 pieces used for production and 40 used for testing and measurement. Our electrical wire and power cable are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, such as IEC, BS, ASTM, DIN, etc. We can also create products according to the special requirements of our customers.

Maintaining the principles of Good Quality Results in Trust and Honesty Makes Success, we are committed to providing high-quality products and service. All power cables used for colliery have passed the safety certification for mining products. Our fire retardant cables are approved by the certification for fire protection products, and most of them meet the standards of China's Compulsory Certification (CCC). Having received ISO9001 certification in 2003, our company is also a recommended supplier for national urban and rural power grids and governmental procurement.

Established in 1984, our company is located in Zhengzhou City of Henan Province, where transportation is very convenient. This has helped us to export our PVC insulated electrical wire, aluminum alloy conductor, and service drop cable to Singapore, Australia, Italy, America, Africa, and many other countries and regions.

Main Products
  • All Aluminum Alloy Conductor, AAAC ConductorCompared with pure aluminum, the all aluminum alloy conductor or AAAC has higher strength, lower conductivity and better corrosion resistance. It has smaller line loss in comparison with traditional steel core aluminum wire with the same section area, which can save the operating costs.
    Because of light weight, this product is sometimes used to replace the conventional ACSR. When ice and wind loadings are low, it is more favorable to use this product instead of ACSR due ...
  • Bare ConductorBare conductor is a conducting wire with no covering or electrical insulation. Our company provides multiple types of this product, such as all aluminum type, all aluminum alloy type, aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR), anti-corrosion type ACSR, aluminum conductor aluminum clad steel reinforced (ACSR/AW), rear earth aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR/RE), aluminum conductor aluminum alloy reinforced (ACAR), etc. Produced according to international standards, such as IEC61089, BS215 part2, ASTM B232, DIN48204, BS EN50182, etc., these products have such good characteristics as large transmission capacity, convenient installation and maintenance ...