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  • XLPE URD CableThe XLPE URD cable is mainly used for underground use. We provide a variety of armored XLPE insulated products with the rated voltage ranging from 6 to 35 KV. Being able to bear large tractional force and a certain amount of external mechanical force, these products can be laid in wells, tunnels and mines. The conductor is Al or copper, and the inner sheath uses PVC. Galvanized steel wire armor (SWA), galvanized steel tape armor (STA) or aluminum wire armor (AWA) can be adopted.

Used for transmission in electric power, communication and other related fields, cable is stranded by a few or several groups of wires and each group includes at least two wires. Each group of wires is insulated from another and there is a highly insulated covering layer outside. The product with few cores, small diameter and simple structure is called electric wire. Product without insulation is referred to as bare wire, while the rest is called cable. As a professional URD cable manufacturer, our company makes products with various types and excellent quality, which have been widely used in a variety of construction projects and earned good reputation in the industry.

Laid underground, the URD cable is not susceptible to corrosion of acid-base gas and water vapor in the atmosphere, nor is it affected by severe environment and traffic conditions, thus improving reliability of the urban grid. We provide four types of this product, including XLPE type, aluminum type, triplex type and quadruplex type. In addition to excellent wear resistance, the XLPE type product has outstanding mechanical and physical properties. It bears intensive mechanical stress better than the PVC or PE insulated products. With light weight, this product is convenient to transport and install, thus reducing transportation costs and labor intensity.

We are a professional URD cable manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including our wire, conductor, aerial bundled cable, armored cable, and more.

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  • PVC Insulated Electrical WireWe provide many types of PVC insulated electrical wire products. For example, the 60227IEC07 (BV-90) heat resistant copper core has a maximum working temperature of 90℃. This product can be laid in high temperature environment, indoor areas or conduits. The 60227IEC10BVV product can be laid in the air or underground in moist places or places with high mechanical protection. These products are developed according to uses' demand, thus having strong applicability.
  • 300/500V Electric Wire Our 300/500V electric wire has several different specifications. The one with the size of 1G0.5mm2 has an insulation layer with the thickness of 0.6mm and the nominal diameter is 2.14mm. Its maximum diameter is 2.5mm and the minimum insulation resistance at 90℃ is 0.013MΩkm, so the product has good transmission performance and small line loss. It also has light weight, facilitating transportation and installation.