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  • Triplex Service Drop CableInsulated with polyethylene (PE) or crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE), the triplex service drop cable uses concentrically stranded or compressed 1350-H19 as the conductor and adopts concentrically stranded AAC, ACSR or 6201 alloy as the neutral messenger. Working at a voltage of 600V (phase to phase) or less, this product is used to supply power from utility lines to the consumer's weatherhead. The maximum working temperature is 75℃for PE insulation or 90℃for XLPE insulation.

The service drop cable is mainly used to transmit electric energy and information and convert electromagnetic energy. Our company provides three types of this product, which are duplex type, triplex type and quadruplex type. There are many products with different specifications for each type. One of the duplex type products with the nominal area of 10mm2 has a nominal DC resistance of 1.8055Ohm/km, thus having good conductive properties. Its weight is about 90kg/km, facilitating transportation and application. In addition, this product also has high mechanical strength, long service life and other advantages. Our triplex type products have enjoyed wide applications.

Jinshui is a specialized service drop cable manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including 450/750V electric wire, bare conductor, control cable, XLPE power cable, and more.

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  • XLPE URD CableThe XLPE URD cable is mainly used for underground use. We provide a variety of armored XLPE insulated products with the rated voltage ranging from 6 to 35 KV. Being able to bear large tractional force and a certain amount of external mechanical force, these products can be laid in wells, tunnels and mines. The conductor is Al or copper, and the inner sheath uses PVC. Galvanized steel wire armor (SWA), galvanized steel tape armor (STA) or aluminum wire armor (AWA) can be adopted.
  • All Aluminum Alloy Conductor, AAAC ConductorCompared with pure aluminum, the all aluminum alloy conductor or AAAC has higher strength, lower conductivity and better corrosion resistance. It has smaller line loss in comparison with traditional steel core aluminum wire with the same section area, which can save the operating costs.
    Because of light weight, this product is sometimes used to replace the conventional ACSR. When ice and wind loadings are low, it is more favorable to use this product instead of ACSR due ...