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Our rubber flexible cable is used for household appliances, electric tools and a variety of portable electrical equipment with the rated voltage no more than 450/750V AC. Its maximum long-time working temperature is 65℃. Our company provides several models of this product and the detailed specifications are listed in the table below.

Model Name Rated Voltage(V) Section Area(mm2) No. of Cores Application
YQ,YQW Light model rubber sheath flexible cable 300/500 0.3--0.5 2,3 Products are used for light portable electrical equipment and tools.
IEC60245-53YZ Middle model rubber sheath flexible cable 300/500 0.75--6 2,3,4,5 Products are suitable for various portable electrical equipment and tools.
YC Heavy model rubber sheath flexible cable 450/750 1.5--400 1 Used for various portable electrical devices, the products can bear large mechanical force.
1.5--95 2
1.5--150 3
IEC60245-66YCW 1.5--150 4
2.5--150 + 1.5--50 3+1
1.5--25 5

Used for a variety of light portable electrical equipment and tools, the YQ and YQW products have a rated voltage of 300/500V and there are two or three cores available. Section area of the IEC60245-53YZ and IEC60245-57YZW types of products is 0.75 to 6mm2 and the number of cores ranges from two to five. The rated voltage of the YC and IEC60245-66YCW products is 450/750V, and they can be used for various portable electrical devices and can bear large mechanical force. The W type of rubber flexible cables are able to resist weather and oil, which are suitable for outdoor use or for occasions in contact with oil.

As a professional rubber flexible cable manufacturer in China, our company provides a comprehensive range of products, including triplex URD cable, PVC insulated power cable, all aluminum conductor, and aerial bundled cable, among others.

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Other Products
  • Triplex Service Drop CableInsulated with polyethylene (PE) or crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE), the triplex service drop cable uses concentrically stranded or compressed 1350-H19 as the conductor and adopts concentrically stranded AAC, ACSR or 6201 alloy as the neutral messenger. Working at a voltage of 600V (phase to phase) or less, this product is used to supply power from utility lines to the consumer's weatherhead. The maximum working temperature is 75℃for PE insulation or 90℃for XLPE insulation.
  • XLPE URD CableThe XLPE URD cable is mainly used for underground use. We provide a variety of armored XLPE insulated products with the rated voltage ranging from 6 to 35 KV. Being able to bear large tractional force and a certain amount of external mechanical force, these products can be laid in wells, tunnels and mines. The conductor is Al or copper, and the inner sheath uses PVC. Galvanized steel wire armor (SWA), galvanized steel tape armor (STA) or aluminum wire armor (AWA) can be adopted.