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The control cable is mainly used to transmit control and measurement signals. Our company provides flame-retardant copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed steel tape armored products with the rated voltage ranging from 450/750V to 0.6/1kV. These products are made according to the standards of GB9330-1988, IEC60227 (60502, 60332), DIN and BS. In addition, we can also produce based on other standards required by customers.

The flame-retardant control cable is suitable for connecting wires between electric equipment with special flame-retardant requirements in controlling, monitoring loop and protecting circuit at rated voltage up to 0.6/1KV AC. We provides several types of this product, such as A class type, special type, low smoke halogen free type, low smoke low halogen type, XLPE insulated type, etc. The long-term working temperature for PVC insulated and XLPE insulated products are 70℃ and 90℃, respectively. For unarmored and shielded flexible products, the permissible bending radius is no less than six times the outer diameter of the product. While for armored and copper-tape screened ones, the number is 12.

During laying, be careful not to let water get into the ends of the products so as not to affect the service life. The environment temperature should not be lower than 0℃. If it is so, the product should be uniformly heated to 5℃ or higher. Otherwise, it can not be laid. After finish connecting, check if the connected cores are corresponding and joints are firm. The transportation and handling should be conducted by professional workers who are familiar with product properties. Do not lay the cable tray down during transport. This product should be stored in dry places when it is not laid at once. If it needs to be saved for a long time, put it away from sunlight so as to prevent the sheath aging.

Jinshui is an experienced control cable manufacturer in China. We also offer quadruplex service drop cable, bare conductor, steel wire armored cable, insulated power cable, and much more.

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Other Products
  • Rubber Flexible CableOur rubber flexible cable is used for household appliances, electric tools and a variety of portable electrical equipment with the rated voltage no more than 450/750V AC. Its maximum long-time working temperature is 65℃. Our company provides several models of this product and the detailed specifications are listed in the table below.
  • Triplex Service Drop CableInsulated with polyethylene (PE) or crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE), the triplex service drop cable uses concentrically stranded or compressed 1350-H19 as the conductor and adopts concentrically stranded AAC, ACSR or 6201 alloy as the neutral messenger. Working at a voltage of 600V (phase to phase) or less, this product is used to supply power from utility lines to the consumer's weatherhead. The maximum working temperature is 75℃for PE insulation or 90℃for XLPE insulation.