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  • Insulated Power CableWith excellent performance, reasonable price, simple structure, light weight and easy installation, the insulated power cable is widely used in a lot of areas. Our company provides this product with various voltage classes, which are listed in Table 1. These products are produced in strict accordance with such standards as IEC, DIN, BS, etc. A variety of XLPE insulated products and their application are described in Table 2.
  • XLPE Power CableConductor of the XLPE power cable is solid or stranded copper and crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) is adopted for insulation. The inner and outer sheaths are black polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Compared with PVC insulated product, this product has strong carrying capacity, high mechanical strength, and excellent resistance to heat and chemical corrosion. Moreover, it has small diameter and light weight, which is easy to set up and lay.
  • Aluminum Power CableMeeting IEC 60502 standard, the aluminum power cable has excellent transmission performance, good plasticity and resistance to heat and chemical corrosion. Moreover, it is lightweight and is thus easy to transport and install. Our company provides multiple types of three-core AL/XLPE/SWA/PVC product, the rated voltage of which is from 3.6/6KV to 21/35KV.
  • PVC Insulated Power CableThe PVC insulated power cable has excellent flexibility, bending property and flame retardation. Based on different cross areas, it can be divided into a number of types. These products have undergone strict tests before leaving factory. The PVC insulation layer and sheath have endured anti-cracking (thermal shock) test, high temperature pressure test and low temperature performance test. The product sample does not break down after experiencing long-term AC high voltage test at room ...

The power cable is used to transmit and distribute electric energy in the trunk line of the power system. It is often used as the power cord of urban underground grid and power stations, the internal power supply line of industrial and mining enterprises and underwater transmission line.

Our company mainly provides four types of power cable, which are insulated type, XLPE type, aluminum type and PVC insulated type. These products are slightly affected by the climate and surrounding environment, thus showing stable transmission performance and high reliability. They are often buried in the soil or laid in indoor areas, channels and tunnels. The maintenance workload is low and there is small possibility of electric shock.

In addition, we have advanced production equipment, such as aluminum wire extending unit, molding machine for special cable, etc. Therefore, the performance and quality of our products are highly guaranteed. If you have the demand for related products, please consult us.

As a professional power cable manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer insulated power cable, XLPE power cable, all aluminum alloy conductor, steel wire armored cable, and more.

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  • Overhead Insulated CableThe overhead insulated cable uses insulating medium, such as PE, PVC or XLPE, to separate the metallic conductor from the outside world, which is highly safe. Meeting ASTM and CSA standards, our product has many advantages, such as excellent atmospheric aging resistance, convenient laying, small occupying of land resources, etc....
  • Steel Wire Armored CableThe steel wire armored cable has good electrical performance and chemical stability. It can resist acids, alkalis, grease and organic solvents. With simple structure, light weight and perfect bending property, it is easy and convenient to install and maintain. Laying of the product is not limited by the height difference. The permissible long-term operating temperature shall not exceed 70℃ and the maximum short circuit temperature is 160℃.