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  • PVC Insulated Electrical WireWe provide many types of PVC insulated electrical wire products. For example, the 60227IEC07 (BV-90) heat resistant copper core has a maximum working temperature of 90℃. This product can be laid in high temperature environment, indoor areas or conduits. The 60227IEC10BVV product can be laid in the air or underground in moist places or places with high mechanical protection. These products are developed according to uses' demand, thus having strong applicability.
  • 300/500V Electric Wire Our 300/500V electric wire has several different specifications. The one with the size of 1G0.5mm2 has an insulation layer with the thickness of 0.6mm and the nominal diameter is 2.14mm. Its maximum diameter is 2.5mm and the minimum insulation resistance at 90℃ is 0.013MΩkm, so the product has good transmission performance and small line loss. It also has light weight, facilitating transportation and installation.
  • 450/750V Electric WireWe provide several types of electric wire, including copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated type (BV), copper conductor PVC insulated flexible type (BVR), copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round type, copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat type, copper conductor PVC insulated flat flexible connectors, copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round flexible connectors, etc.
  • Indoor Electric WireOur company provides several types of indoor electric wires. The BV type and BLV type products are mainly laid indoors and the long-time working temperature is 70℃. Fixedly laid in flexible places, the BVR type product is not liable to be damaged and thus has long service life. The BVVB type can be laid in the air or ground in places with high mechanical protection or much moisture. In addition, our products can effectively ensure indoor electrical safety and have reasonable price ...

Our company provides many types of wire products, such as PVC insulated type, 450/750V type, indoor type, multi-core type, and so on. Our 60227IEC07 (BV-90) heat resistant copper conductor PVC insulated product can be laid in high temperature environment, such as indoor areas, conduits, etc. The 450/750V type product is mainly used in fixed laying occasions, such as connections between the power, lighting, electrical installations, instrumentation and telecommunication equipment.

With advanced production equipment, high-class technological level and complete testing method, our company conducts strict inspection on raw materials, work in progress and finished products so as to provide customers with safe products.

Jinshui is a specialized wire manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including PVC insulated electrical wire, bare conductor, aluminum wire armored cable, XLPE power cable and more.

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  • All Aluminum Alloy Conductor, AAAC ConductorCompared with pure aluminum, the all aluminum alloy conductor or AAAC has higher strength, lower conductivity and better corrosion resistance. It has smaller line loss in comparison with traditional steel core aluminum wire with the same section area, which can save the operating costs.
    Because of light weight, this product is sometimes used to replace the conventional ACSR. When ice and wind loadings are low, it is more favorable to use this product instead of ACSR due ...
  • Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor, ACSR ConductorAluminum conductor steel reinforced conductor or ACSR conductor is a reinforced wire made of galvanized steel core wire stranded by single or multi-layer 1350-H19 aluminum wires. The inner steel core is mainly to increase strength while the outer aluminum stranded wire transmits electric energy.
    With simple structure, the ACSR conductor is easy to set up and maintain. It can be erected across rivers, valleys and other special geographical conditions.