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All Aluminum Alloy Conductor, AAAC Conductor

Compared with pure aluminum, the all aluminum alloy conductor or AAAC has higher strength, lower conductivity and better corrosion resistance. It has smaller line loss in comparison with traditional steel core aluminum wire with the same section area, which can save the operating costs.

Because of light weight, this product is sometimes used to replace the conventional ACSR. When ice and wind loadings are low, it is more favorable to use this product instead of ACSR due to its lower breaking load. In addition, it has good sag characteristics, so distance between poles can be increased, thus reducing the quantity of poles and decreasing construction cost of lines.

Our company can provide this product according to different recognized standards, such as BS EN50182, IEC 61089, ASTM B399, DIN 48, etc. The product can also be made according to customers' requirements.

BS EN 50182: 2001

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We are a professional all aluminum alloy conductor manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from AAAC conductor, we also offer bare conductor, aerial bundled cable, steel tape armored cable, rubber flexible cable, and much more.

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