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Wire and Cable Manufacturer

Affiliated with Jinshui Cable Group, Zhengzhou Jinhang High-tech Company Ltd. is a Chinese electrical wire and power cable manufacturer specializing in the development, production, and marketing of wires and cables for power transmission and distribution. Our products include PVC insulated electrical wire, aluminum alloy conductor, aerial bundled cable, insulated power cable, armored cable, service drop cable, and so on. These are widely used in buildings, airports, substations, urban and rural power grids, and other large electrical projects.
    1. All Aluminum Alloy Conductor, AAAC Conductor
    2. All Aluminum Alloy Conductor, AAAC ConductorCompared with pure aluminum, the all aluminum alloy conductor or AAAC has higher strength, lower conductivity and better corrosion resistance.
    1. Bare Conductor
    2. Bare ConductorBare conductor is a conducting wire with no covering or electrical insulation. Our company provides multiple types of this product, such as all aluminum type, all aluminum alloy type ...
    1. Aerial Bundled Cable
    2. Aerial Bundled CableThe aerial bundled cable (ABC), also called aerial bunched cable, consists of stranded aluminum conductors with polyethylene or crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.
    1. Insulated Power Cable
    2. Insulated Power CableWith excellent performance, reasonable price, simple structure, light weight and easy installation, the insulated power cable is widely used in a lot of areas.
    1. XLPE Power Cable
    2. XLPE Power CableConductor of the XLPE power cable is solid or stranded copper and crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) is adopted for insulation. The inner and outer sheaths are black polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
    1. PVC Insulated Power Cable
    2. PVC Insulated Power CableThe PVC insulated power cable has excellent flexibility, bending property and flame retardation. Based on different cross areas, it can be divided into a number of types. These products have ...
    1. Steel Wire Armored Cable
    2. Steel Wire Armored CableThe steel wire armored cable has good electrical performance and chemical stability. It can resist acids, alkalis, grease and organic solvents. With simple structure, light weight and perfect ...
    1. Steel Tape Armored Cable
    2. Steel Tape Armored CableIn addition to good electrical performance and mechanical properties, the steel tape armored cable has excellent resistance to heat and chemical corrosion. The armored layer has large ...
    1. Rubber Flexible Cable
    2. Rubber Flexible CableOur rubber flexible cable is used for household appliances, electric tools and a variety of portable electrical equipment with the rated voltage no more than 450/750V AC. Its maximum long-time ...
    1. Triplex URD Cable
    2. Triplex URD CableThe triplex URD cable can be buried directly in the ground or installed in the ducts for 600V secondary distribution. It has larger transmission capacity than the aerial products.
    1. 450/750V Electric Wire
    2. 450/750V Electric WireOur 450/750V electric wire is widely used for the connection between driving, lighting, electrical installations, instrumentation and telecommunication equipment with the rated voltage ...
    1. Indoor Electric Wire
    2. Indoor Electric WireOur company provides several types of indoor electric wires. The BV type and BLV type products are mainly laid indoors and the long-time working temperature is 70℃. Fixedly laid in flexible places ...